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10 ways to Celebrate in Lockdown

Who knew this time last year we would be where we are now? With 10 months of missed celebrations from Christenings to Weddings here's my guide on how to celebrate as best you can while still keeping safe.

1. Cake!

Of course I recommend a cake! Whether you buy a bespoke one or make your own a cake is a great way to mark an occasion and they make for a great photo opportunity.

2. A scavenger hunt.

Wrap your kids up and get them outside, there's loads of ideas online. And join in the hunt with them.

3. Have a picnic! Picnics don't always have to be outdoors, if the weather isn't great, have it indoors, go a bit further and add a tent with fairy lights etc. Remember if having it outdoors to stay in your garden until guidelines change.

4. Afternoon tea.

This is a great idea to make someone feel special. There are so many available to order online. Here's one of my favourites. Don't forget the Prosecco!

5.Eat out at home.

Have your favourite restaurant deliver a meal to your home. If you are missing those special nights out there are loads of restaurants offering delivery. You may have to put the oven on but most meals require a quick reheat and come with easy to follow instructions. Bring out your best tableware and add to the occasion with candles and background music. I recommend this company everything is so tasty and simple to serve up.

6. Create a ceiling of balloons.

I did this for my daughter's 30th birthday last May. It's a great way to include family and friends. Everyone writes a message, takes a photo of it and sends you the photo to print out, you then tie a message to each helium filled balloon.

7. The Zoom quiz.

Yes I know we've had enough of them but for a special occasion especially for adults it's a nice chance to get together. Change it up a bit by having a quiz about the birthday girl/boy or the couple who is celebrating. See who knows them best.

8. Wedding Vow Renewal.

Big wedding anniversaries also suffered due to lockdown, If you're a couple who still have kids at home why not have a small wedding vow renewal service at home? Go a step further and put your wedding dress on - if it still fits! If guidelines allow have it in your garden and include some of the ideas from above.

9. Karaoke and Cocktails.

Great for adults who share a house or adults who live with their parents. Pick a theme and go for it. Maybe songs from the year they were born. Or their favourite genre of music.

10. Letterbox gifts.

I've written a lot about how to celebrate but what if you want to be part of someone's big day from afar? Why not send a gift? We all know you can send cards and flowers but you can also send baked goods like brownies and other traybakes. Chocolate and alcohol hampers can also be delivered. Most of these are available to order online.

Let's hope we are able to be with family and friends soon, until then stay safe.

Please check your local lockdown guidelines when planning an event.

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